Get To Know Our Fabulous Designers & Presenters With Our Five Fun Facts!

We’re really lucky to be able to work with our amazing designers & presenters who are constantly developing brilliant inspiration for you to enjoy. Get to know them better with our five fun facts. There’s links to their social, so you can keep up to date with their latest news plus click the button below to try our step by step projects.


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Sue Wilson
Sue WilsonDesigner & TV Presenter

I have been crafting in some form or another since I was very young. Card making became my sole focus in 1992 and it has been so exciting that I have never looked back. The way in which card making has grown and evolved over the years has kept my interest and allowed my creativity to flourish.  I have totally immersed myself in the craft market by designing cutting dies, stamps and embossing folders as well as working with the Creative Expressions team to develop new crafting products.

Duck and hoisin sauce with spring onions, cucumber and wrapped in an Asian pancake, could eat it every day!

Not a marmite girl at all!

I used to do Stained Glass, loved it, but expensive to do.  It isn’t that weird though, I suppose sand art in glass containers is the strangest hobby I used to do, but I was in my late teens then.

My favourite holiday destination is the next one (wherever that may be) I don’t usually go back to a place that I have been, there are just too many places to see in the world.

I could listen to Wicked Games by Chris Isaac over and over again.

Jamie Rodgers
Jamie RodgersDesigner & TV Presenter

I’ve been crafting in one form or another all of my life, finding my way in to the wonderful world of papercraft age 16. I find inspiration in just about everything, from logo colour schemes, to the designs of cars and buildings… Everything you see in the world can be used as inspiration in your creativity… luckily I have the perfect job and get to share this with you!

having my hair braided – age 14 – and no I don’t have photos lol

Theme parks, I absolutely love to escape to theme parks around the world – to experience the design and thrills of these immersive places

Cotton Eye Joe By Rednex  (it’s full of happy memories)

Cathie Shuttleworth
Cathie ShuttleworthDesigner & TV Presenter

Having come from a family of professional artists and spending all my childhood with a pencil in my hand, Art and Design is the only career I have ever wanted to do. After formal training, I have been lucky enough to be a full time designer for over 35 years. I specialise in hand illustration and my distinct style is as popular as it has ever been.

Having my hair professionally straightened, it lasted for half an hour before I went back to curly!! I looked dreadful!!

Drawing, all day, every day.

Winnie the Pooh, LOVED him as a child!!

My dog Rooby…oh and my husband as he is very practical, and I wouldn’t starve to death.

Any book about world war two prison camps, my father was a prisoner of war, so I have a real interest in it.

Andy Skinner
Andy SkinnerDesigner & TV Presenter

I have drawn and painted from a very young age, I first started experimenting with mixed media 28 years ago, mainly on canvases using acrylic paints and products from DIY stores. There were very few mediums back then compared to what we have available today.My inspiration comes from many areas, while at school I worked every Sunday at a blacksmiths forge, after leaving school I served a   5 year apprenticeship as a toolmaker, so my love of metal, rust and patinas originate from there.

Jane Gill
Jane GillDesigner & TV Presenter

I’ve been a creative person all my life. For the past twenty odd years I’ve been in the papercraft industry teaching, demonstrating, designing and have appeared on a TV craft channel too and it’s all thanks to rubber stamps! My love of drawing has opened all kinds of creativeness in the stamping world and now I’m a member of a fabulous team at Creative Expressions as one of their stamp designers.

My favourite food to eat forever would be moussaka with broccoli on the side. Pudding? There has to be a pudding, I’d have steamed syrup sponge and custard.

Marmite….I love it. Especially marmite and marmalade sandwiches. I’ve eaten them since I was a child.

My favourite song is ‘Bring Me Sunshine’ by Arthur Kent as sung by Morecambe and Wise. Just makes you want to sing and dance.

My desert island companion would be my cat….or maybe several. I’d become a mad cat lady.

My favourite holiday destination…now let me see, I’ve travelled and lived abroad in many countries, but I love a beach and the sea. I also love Great Britain and where I live now in Poole, Dorset we have an amazing beach and it’s different everyday and fabulous in all weathers. So I wouldn’t travel abroad, I’d stay here.

Francoise Read
Francoise ReadDesigner & TV Presenter

Creating is a big part of who I am so my stamp designs reflect my personality, interests and things I am passionate about. Although I have been part of the craft industry for over 20 years, I still love it now as much as I did when I first started. Over the years I have written books, magazine articles, taught workshops and demonstrated up and down the country and abroad to share my passion.

Banana milkshake…..specifically McDonald’s Banana milkshake

On a lilo in a large swimming pool.

What a wonderful world sung by Louis Armstrong….reminds me of my dad.

Now that would be telling! …..honestly probably no one!!

Greece… the people, islands and Moussaka!

Gwen Fletcher
Gwen FletcherTV Presenter

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t make things. As a little girl, I would be making dolls house rooms from cardboard boxes, complete with carpet and curtains, wallpaper and furniture. I knitted, sewed, drew, painted, did cross stitch, some of which I still do today. Then I discovered decorative eggcraft and a whole new window was opened to me. Through that, I found rubber stamping and my papercraft adventure began. I find inspiration everywhere – in a sunrise, nature, a piece of fabric, even in a building, there’s always something to draw from.

A food I could eat forever would be cheese. Love cheese but not too stinky and obviously, accompanied by some rich red wine!

My favourite way to relax would be with a good book.

My most unusual hobby would be my egg decorating.

I don’t tend to re-read books but one of my favourite series I have read is The Painted Man from the Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett.

My favourite holiday destination would have to be Disney World in Florida.

Suz Humphreys
Suz HumphreysTV Presenter

My crafting journey started initially making cross stitch cards. Then I stumbled across Create and Craft and became hooked. I loved learning about papercrafting from all the demonstrators and started building my craft stash. In 2011 I started running classes, a couple of years later I found mixed media and became more adventurous. Now I LOVE to combine different things; papercrafting, mixed media, textiles and jewellery making. It’s definitely my therapy.

Clothing! I have no fashion sense at all, and I don’t enjoy trying things on. I generally avoid clothes shopping wherever possible!
In my craft room, surrounded by mess, lots of projects in different stages of progress, listening to Harry Potter DVD’s

Metal detecting. Great fun. But I’ve not done a lot as it’s a bit of a cumbersome thing to take out! Had a go in the garden until hubby banned me from digging up the grass. Would like to have a go at the seaside some day.

I only read books on holiday, but as a child I had a box set of Roald Dahl books that I LOVED. James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator were my favs.
Bit of both. I like to know the facts, but believe in the possibilities