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We Encourage Creativity – Angel Policy Guidelines

We think it’s great that you are interested in using our products to make handmade items either for profit or for charitable causes. Please read our latest Angel Policies below which set out the guidelines for the permitted use of our products within this context.

Creative Expressions Angel Policy

This is relevant to all Creative Expressions, Woodware and Cosmic Shimmer products we produce currently or have previously produced. Please note: other brands that we distribute will have their own Angel Policies, please visit their websites to ensure you are adhering to them.

  • All products and designs are copyright protected and must not be altered in anyway to create new or custom designs
  • Mass production by digital or mechanical means is prohibited
  • Any handmade items sold or donated using our products must be a complete finished piece, such as a card, ready-to-use scrapbook page layout or ready-to-fill art journal for example
  • Individual or packs of die cuts, toppers, sentiments or stamped images to colour using our products are not permitted in any capacity for sale or donation
  • The scanning of designs whether for cutting, drawing, or printing by digital means is prohibited
  • Any products made by yourself are not to bear our logos or brand names and no association is to be made with the Creative Expressions brand or those affiliated with it
  • You are permitted to sell and produce your handmade finished items in any quantity, provided they have not breached any prohibited production means
  • Creative Expressions accepts no liability for any items made by you – all liability is assumed by you

Disney Products Angel Policy

Please read Disney’s Angel Policy as it does differ from ours.

Anything that is made with the Disney products such as made cards for example, can only be ‘made for gifting’ rather than ‘made for profit’ Disney does not permit items made with their products to be sold.

If you have any questions regarding our Angel Policies or want to ask about a brand’s policy which we distribute, please contact us via email: sales@creative-expressions.uk.com or telephone: +44 (0)1536 481778 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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